Legislators Evaluation


CCW conducts legislator evaluation every six months in accordance with the Legislative Yuan session cycles and discloses a list of excellent lawmakers as well as a “watch list” to the public. Up to 2019 (the eighth sessions in the Ninth Appointment year), a total of twenty-four cycles of evaluation have been conducted. 

There are both initial and review evaluations conducted. The initial evaluations are carried out by scholars and experts, while the review evaluations involve citizens to collectively finalize lists of excellent lawmakers as well as those “on notice”. With IVOD, the Internet multimedia Video on Demand System of the Legislative Yuan parliament procedures, civil jurors can examine lawmakers’ performance in sessions, then fill in questionnaires to score legislators. 

CCW conducts regular post reviews and modification on evaluation content and methodology with scholars and congressional assistants after each cycle of evaluation. The purpose is to build up a flawless evaluation system. 

《 Check here to see the legislator evaluation result 》https://ccw.org.tw/assess