Shifting legislators focus back to their duties

Over the last decade, CCW’s efforts of advocating initiatives and campaigns of eliminating inadequate legislators has impelled legislators to shift focus from attending weddings and funerals to their fundamental duties – legislation. Legislative quality has been improved significantly in various aspects, such as rates of meeting attendance and speaking, legislative proposals and amendments. Moreover, increase on quantity has also elevated the quality because more legislators pay attention on major bills related to civil rights, public welfare and justice, such as Mining Act, National Sports Act, and so on. “Excellent legislator list” released by CCW also becomes one of the important sources of information for voters to choose qualified candidates during election. In the near future, CCW aims to upgrade legislators from being “full time” to “professional”.


Sharpened Eyesight

The most essential prerequisite for effective supervision is transparency of the congress. After CCW long-term efforts, congressional procedures are not only live on multiple online channels, online APP was also launched so the public can view what’s going on in the Legislative Yuan anytime and anywhere. 2017, an exclusive TV channel broadcasts legislation meetings live, even secret party negotiation is exposed to everyone now. Therefore, the Speaker of the Legislative Yuan always uses live broadcast as a resort to stop disputes among legislators by saying: “It’s live now, people is watching.”

《 An edged tool to supervise congress -‘Congress Online 2’ APP 》