“Looking Back on Five Years of an Open Parliament

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:49 PM

In 2012, Taiwan Zero Hour Government Group, g0v.tw, began forming Asia’s largest hacker
group, calling for “code to change society”. This weekend, g0v summit 2024 was held before the
presidential inauguration, inviting civil engineers from around the world, to share their
experiences with participatory democracy.

At the event yesterday (5/4), CCW had the pleasureof being invited by g0v’s Convener of

Transparent Government Donations, Ronnie Wang, and
shared with the Transparent Culture Foundation: #LookingBackonFourYearsofOpenParliament.
During the meeting, CCW’s Deputy CEO, James Kan, analyzed the results and hopes of the
public-private cooperation present in the “#OpenParliamentCommittee”, from the following
four perspectives : local committee members, civil officials, legislators, and the people

He mentioned that, over the past four years, Open Parliament has put further emphasis on its
foundational design, including its #opendata format and Congressional literacy education, etc.
Thus, people have become more apathetic. However, with Congressional Open Data gradually
becoming more perfected, NPO’s and civil engineers who care about related topics, can take
these “ingredients”, and use them to make a complete “meal”. This means that people are more
able to understand what representatives from their districts are doing in Congress, creating a
positive cycle of democracy!