The Curtain Falls on the First Annual CCW Board Game Tournament- SooChow University Cup

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:48 PM

On April 27th, CCW hosted “Battle at the Legislative Yuan- the 2024 First Annual CCW Board
Game Tournament- SooChow University Cup” at SooChow University. Following the high
turnout of the previous practice session, this tournament was even more intense, with over
forty students joining the ranks of competitors, vying for the top prize!

First, Xiuduan Huang, distinguished professor at Soo Chow University’s politics department, and
former CCW chairman, opened the event, and introduced the background behind the board
game. Following this, CCW’s CEO, Honglin Zhang, encouraged the contestants and began the
tournament! The competition was fierce! In addition to the original three brackets, CCW also
added two informal brackets, to encourage students who did not advance in the tournament to
participate, allowing them to keep playing and win prizes.

In the end, two teams from Soo Chow University and one team from Zhong Zheng University
respectively won the three spots on the podium. In the informal brackets there were three
teams who brought home their prize- a copy of the CCW board game.

Our sincere thanks goes out to Soo Chow University’s Department of Politics and Taipak
Kianseng for their help, and to all of the students for their participation! The event was a great
success and we look forward to next time!