Sri Lanka Welcomes Reform for Supervision of Campaign Expenditures: CCW Invited to Share Taiwan’s Experience with Transparency of Election Funds

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:47 PM

Expenditure Bill” which enjoyed broad support, receiving a majority of 61 votes.
Facing this series of changes, Sri Lanka’s civil groups urgently hope to understand how to
effectively supervise the implementation of the bill. In order to do so, representatives from
Citizen Congress Watch (CCW’s) Department of International Affairs, traveled to Sri Lanka’s
capital, Colombo, to conduct closed-door exchanges with many local civil groups, where
both sides shared their opinions regarding the transparency of campaign funds.

Similarly, CCW is also strengthening it’s dialogue with civil groups in other democratic
countries, including signing a joint declaration and memorandum with Japan’s Perennial
Opposition group. The two also hold monthly meetings, jointly pushing for a congressional
watch website for Asia in order to strengthen the resistance of democratic countries.
Additionally, CCW is actively building close ties with civil groups in Australia, Britain,
America, and other countries, constantly passing on its successful experiences with
monitoring Congress.

The vitality of Taiwan’s civil groups and maturity of our democratic system will become a
pillar for the power of democracy in Asia!

Especially now as the influence of authoritarianism is constantly advancing in Asia,
democratic nations must join hands, and build a solid “democracy defense wall”, through
deepening exchanges and forming alliances. Especially in this session of the Legislative
Yuan, where important legislators have dubious relations with China, and the international
exchange work of Congress might turn conservative, civil groups will need to take on an
important role. Thus, CCW welcomes all supporters of democracy to support this project,
and make Taiwan’s democracy able to become stronger with international exchanges!