The Future of Japan-Taiwan Relations Under the Lai Administration- Discussion Forum.

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:46 PM

Yesterday (3/25) a CCW delegation including Honorary Advisor Hsiao Hsin-huang,
Chairman Tseng Chien-yuan, and Deputy CEO James Kan, attended a forum titled “The
Future of Japan-Taiwan Relations Under the Lai Administration'' in Roppongi, Japan.
Uncovering the future of Japan-Taiwan relations, and cooperation between civil groups
became the focus points of the forum.This forum was jointly held by Japan’s East Asia
Research Society, Perennial Opposition Group, and Citizen’s Congress Watch, and aimed
at exploring the future of Japan and Taiwan relations under the four years of Lai Qingde’s
government after the election in January of 2024. The discussions focused on: the
intensifying state of affairs in Asia and the globe, the background of expanding
authoritarianism, and how to facilitate Japan-Taiwan cooperation under the new system of

Following the 2023 East Asian Situation Study Conference held in Taiwan titled "Taiwan and
Japan - Building a Global Community for Peace," last year's event featured Vice President
Lai Ching-te and Taiwan's representative to Japan, Teng Chia-chi. During the meeting, Lai
Ching-te pointed out the importance of Taiwan and Japan’s continued cooperation in the
areas of economy, democracy, national security, and peace. Additionally, he emphasized
that establishing a mechanism for military dialogue is key for future cooperation. This year’s
seminar featured Hsiao Hsin-huang, who is the Senior Advisor to Taiwan’s Presidential
Office, Citizen Congress Watch’s Honorary Advisor, and the Chairman of the Taiwan Asia
Exchange Foundation, as well as former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications,
Takenaga Heizo, among other guests, all of whom gave speeches. Over eighty participants
from different fields attended this seminar.

In order to accomplish this, prior to the seminar, CCW also pushed the funding program for
the “2024 Wall of Democracy Project- Establishing a Platform for Congressional Monitoring
Groups in the Asia-Pacific Region”. Through this, CCW continues to pass on its successful
experiences in monitoring congress, and makes Taiwan’s vibrant civil organizations as well
as our mature democratic system able to become a pillar for the power of democracy in
Asia. We welcome support from all over Taiwan!