Exchange with Japanese and Malaysian Friends Concerned with Parliamentary Reform

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:43 PM

At the beginning of the new year, the CCW engaged in exchanges with friends worldwide
who are concerned about democracy. Yesterday (1/4), we separately met with Japanese
friends invited by the Asia Pacific Youth Association and Mr. Chua Wei Jie, a People's
Justice Party member from Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia. Both sides discussed the issues
faced by their respective parliaments. The meetings not only introduced the organizational
development of CCW but also discussed the current situation and future prospects of
Taiwan's parliament.

During the meetings, our foreign friends frequently inquired about Taiwan's political
situation, especially with the upcoming quadrennial central elections. They were keen to
understand how Taiwanese society will choose the country's direction for the next four
years. At the same time, they shared observations from their own countries: Japan
discussed recent factional scandals in its political arena, contrasting with Taiwan's internal
party factional struggles. Meanwhile, Malaysia, being a cabinet system country, had
different perspectives on Taiwan's parliamentary system, coinciding with the current
electoral discussions on transitioning to a cabinet system.

Taiwan, having undergone over thirty years of democratization, has in the past received
assistance from friends worldwide who share similar beliefs, ensuring Taiwan is not alone in
its democratic path and continues to make significant strides. Today, we can pass on this
valuable experience to other partners who are facing similar challenges, together
safeguarding these hard-earned democratic values.