State Representatives from Malaysia Visit CCW, facilitating exchanges between the Malaysian and Taiwanese Parliaments!

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:45 PM

Less than 48 hours away from election night, not only was the whole world watching the
2024 Taiwan Election, but also was focusing on the elections of the Legislative Yuan and
the future direction of Congress.

Representative Wang Lili from Berapit district in Penang, Malaysia, met with CCW on
January 11th, received by Deputy CEO James Kan, Director of the Planning Department Lin
Weiren, and our colleague from the Policy Department. Both sides engaged in dialogue
regarding the monitoring of congress and increasing the quality of legislation.
State Representative Wang Lili stated that CCW being able to monitor Congress for fifteen
years has been no easy task. She also expressed admiration for the resilience of
Taiwanese civil movements, especially CCW’soutstanding organizational structure, fair and
balanced rating index, professional evaluations, inter-state exchange networks, as well as
other advantages.

Finally, she stated that it would be worth it for Malaysia to learn from the
experience that CCW has accumulated over the years. Although the clashes during this
election period have been fierce, no matter the outcome, it will not shake CCW’s resolve to
keep monitoring the performance of legislators, and increase the quality of legislation, as
well as deepen and publicize the determination of Taiwan’s democratic achievements!