In 2023, the International Affairs Department at CCW marches forward

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:41 PM

Looking forward to the establishment of the 2024 Asia Parliamentary Network Preparatory
Committee At the end of this year, the International Affairs Department of CCW experienced
a very busy period. Through a year of hard work, the Asia Parliamentary Network has
gradually begun to take shape. In November, we gathered at the University of Melbourne,
Australia, for a physical workshop. PMOs from 10 countries and CSOs concerned with
parliamentary affairs came together to share their efforts and the support we collectively

At the same time, we reflected on the efforts we have made in focusing on or
monitoring parliaments in our respective countries, and considered whether there is an
opportunity to converge into a force to become an important stabilizing force for democracy
in the Asian region.

Therefore, at the Melbourne meeting, we discussed the possibility of
establishing the Asia Parliamentary Network. A month has passed! Today, we are gathering
online again! All our friends are still here, and there are even more new members joining!
We are officially establishing the Preparatory Committee of the Asia Parliamentary Network,
expected to be formally established in 2024.

We hope that the connection of this network
will have a substantial impact on the stability of the Asian region! Although the impact may
not always be huge, change has quietly begun! Thanks to the joint efforts of all Asian
countries! Our dreams are lofty and distant, but we are no longer just dreaming! We have
taken the first step towards realizing our dreams!