Citizen Congress Watch Participates in Japan's Three-Star Parliamentarian Award, Sharing Taiwan's Experience and Democratic Values!

發布時間 2024.06.28, AT 02:27 PM

15.11.2023, a delegation from the Citizen Congress Watch (CCW) was invited by
Japan's parliamentary oversight group Perennial Opposition to attend the Three-Star
Parliamentarian Award Ceremony of Japan's 211th National Diet in Tokyo. CCW Chairman
Tseng Chien-yuan delivered a speech at the event, addressing distinguished Japanese
parliamentarians and key political figures. He emphasized the resonance between Taiwan
and Japan on democratic values and looked forward to deepening cooperation between the
parliaments and civil societies of the two countries.

The delegation comprised CCW Chairman Tseng Chien-yuan, Honorary Finance
Committee Convenor Sam Lee , and Deputy Executive Director Kan Shun-chi. Perennial
Opposition was represented by President Soichiro Tahara (political news commentator),
Chairman Yoshihiko Miyauchi (former President, Chairman, and CEO of Orix Group),
Advisor Heizo Takenaka (former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan),
and Advisor Naohiro Yashiro (Dean of Global Business Faculty, Showa Women's University,
Japan), among other prominent figures. Additionally, Taiwan's Representative Office in
Japan was represented by Advisor Chang Rui-lin, and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association
was represented by Wu Jun-wei.