Citizen Congress Watch participates in Copenhagen Democracy Summit in 2022

發布時間 2022.09.12, AT 01:48 PM

Citizen Congress Watch participates in Copenhagen Democracy Summit in 2022

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit in 2022 was held by the Alliance of Democracies. It was the first and the biggest event in Copenhagen since the outbreak of COVID-19. The two-day conference examined how the government, public, and international organisations can protect global democracy against the influence of authoritarian dictatorship. 🛡

Kan Shunji, the vice president of Citizen Congress Watch (CCW), attended the conference at the invitation of NDI Taiwan. At the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, parliamentarians, representatives of international organization, and citizen groups throughout the world exchanged experiences in relation to democratic development. They also discussed the situation between Ukraine and Russian and the two sides of Taiwan Strait with representatives from Ukraine.

Immediately after the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, CCW was invited to a conference held by NDI Taiwan and Kosovo parliamentarians and civic group representatives. Taiwan was represented by CCW, Open Culture Foundation, Hsiao Hsin-cheng, and @doublethinklab to discuss their experience in observing and overseeing legislators with the goal to establish a more a transparent congress.

​!!😲 Without realising, CCW was shocked to learn that Taiwan has one of the most active and thriving civic societies in the world. Many international colleagues were also surprised by its achievements. The audience were even more astounded when vice president Kan shared the remarkable work that CCW has accomplished by displaying the graph of the Legislative Yuan’s growth and performance over 15 years.

Although pro-democracy activists are not allowed in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong representatives asked CCW to offer their expertise and opinions in monitoring legislators after the conference. Despite the prohibitions, Hong Kong representatives were eager to continue overseeing the congress in Hong Kong through international organizations and keeping tabs on the country's politics.

Taiwan is not perfect and is continuing to look for improvements. In the process of developing democracy, Taiwan has obtained lots of valuable experiences. We believed that now is the time for Taiwan to share its knowledge in democracy with the world.

​💪 CCW officially established its international affairs department as of year 2022. We hope that through this platform we can raise our voices on the global stage, aiming to let our colleagues from all over the world be aware of CCW’s experience, and potentially hold training internationally to let our “know how” be shared with our global-democratic associates.


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